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Physician Recruitment Trends

2023 Healthcare and Physician Recruitment Trends

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When 2020 ended, A sigh of relief was audible throughout the U.S. There was a feeling of hope that we had “flattened the curve”. The crush of patients was delayed long enough to shore up supplies of PPE, ventilators, and more. An exhausted healthcare workforce was still putting in overtime, sacrificing family contact, and risking their lives to save others. Physician recruitment became critical, as burnout took center stage.

healthcare and physician recruitment trends
Then 2021 brought “The Vaccine”

Then 2021 brought “The Vaccine” to countries around the globe. Finally, we could get this COVID-19 virus under control. Many believed in the eradication of COVID-19 so life could get back to normal. As we live in the new normal, of variants, booster shots, and continuation of healthcare shortages and worker burnout, the question remains: Where are we headed? Physician recruitment firms like PX3 Medical Staffing were warning healthcare facilities for years that there is a staffing shortage we will need to address. Throwing money at it is a start, but in view of recent experience in the last two years, doctors admit they have been considering a change of career.

Healthcare in the United States prior to the pandemic had relied upon shifting staff and supplies to the geographic area in need. In this way, physicians, nursing staff, and supplies would cover more needs with less output. When the geographic area in need became a global pandemic, new lines of thought came through.

Increased Presence of Virtual Healthcare

The Healthcare physician and nursing shortage still prevail in and beyond the US borders. The need to distance oneself, to shelter in place sped up the normal transition to more virtual physician visits. 2023 is likely to bring still more digital healthcare visits for those who struggle to physically travel to and from doctor visits. Those who don’t feel well enough to drive to see their physician can now receive virtual in-home care. This approach streamlines the visits and the paperwork side of patient care, saving time and stress for the attending physician.

Accelerated Biotechnology Innovation

We learned the value of data analytics aiding biotechnology research in bringing better vaccines to the population more quickly. With the use of data analytics, our comprehension of genetics and disease is evolving more quickly. Streamlined Drug development and manufacturing will become increasingly more effective. Patterns in clinical trials will emerge more clearly, adding to better patient medication response prediction.

Streamlined Product Efforts

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally managed R&D under their own roof as well as distribution. Today, those same companies need manufacturing and supply chain partners to help them remain competitive by streamlining their processes. New environmental goals add responsibilities that manufacturers may have already prepared for and adapted to.

Continued Physician Shortage

In spite of technological developments that should improve patient response to treatment, physician burnout is not over. The physician shortage will continue into 2023 as the Pandemic continues to take a toll on already stressed healthcare workers. To fill the physician recruitment shortage, states are allowing more trained nurses to oversee patient care.

There is another side to the healthcare worker shortage. Other sectors also have a labor shortage thanks to “the great resignation”. Healthcare facilities are not only competing with other hospitals but with other industries. Meanwhile, an increase in the minimum wage is happening, pressuring expenses and making other opportunities more attractive to potential candidates.

Now imagine that salaries and benefits already make up over half of a hospital’s total expenses. Increasing that amount will force cost reductions elsewhere or limit the ability to deliver high-revenue services.

PX3 Medical Staffing has been supplying physician recruitment services since before the pandemic. By applying an individualized touch to our recruiting methods, we continue to supply the right fit to unique healthcare brands throughout the United States. Contact us or call (925)948-8749 for details.

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