Healthcare Staff & Covid-19 Fallout
Healthcare Staff & Covid-19 Fallout

Healthcare Staff & Covid-19 Fallout

You made it through the onslaught of Covid-19. While the country breathes a temporary sigh of relief, you’re watching India and other parts of the world.  You’re seeing reports that another Covid-19 strain breakout appears to be building.  Now what?  Healthcare staff Covid-19 Fallout could seriously impact your organization.  In spite of how busy you and your healthcare organization is, this is a good time to assess your status.


Your healthcare workers are suffering from stress and burnout.  Maybe you don’t need a survey to recognize the signs.  According to a report on staffing industry analysis, Nearly 40% of healthcare professionals felt career satisfaction was diminished.  Do you know where your workers stand?  A simple in-house survey can help you determine how big the issue is in your facility.  Knowing is the first step to addressing the problem.  Knowing how widespread the stress and burnout is can help you determine whether you need a companywide campaign or a targeted intervention.

Safety Concerns

Does your staff feel safety protocols were followed?  Were you able to supply enough personal protective equipment?  What is the status today?  Asking for answers to these questions in a survey is a way to show your employees that their opinions matter to you.  Knowing if there is widespread concern over safety, should guide you in shoring up and protecting your employment brand.  That brand will make the difference in getting quality new hires in the future.  Safety concerns cannot and should not be buried.  Find out where your facility stands from the perspective of your front line workers.  If there is a problem, address it quickly. 

Staff Changeover

25 percent of healthcare workers are unlikely to remain in their current job beyond this year.  How efficient will your institution, or any other for that matter, be with 25 percent new hires?  Do you have the staffing resources to cover the process of hiring so many candidates?  Even if you do, your culture, your brand, your patient satisfaction will change significantly with that size of changeover. 

There are things you can do to repair widespread employee burnout and dissatisfaction.  Until you know what the concerns and issues are, you cannot formulate an effective plan.  The longer you wait, the more repair will be required to heal the rift already forming in your ranks.

For the first time in a world pandemic, people were able to minimize the impact through prolonged isolation and protective gear.  In spite of that, Covid-19 left devastating fallout around the world.  A huge number of people lost their lives.  Others lost loved ones.  Others lost their livelihoods.  Still others are losing their homes.  Healthcare institutions around the nation are beginning to adapt to a new normal.  Meanwhile, healthcare workers are still reeling from the stress and burnout of risk to themselves and friends and family.  They are burned out from long hours and inflexible schedules and family stress.  The loss your institution will suffer depends on how quickly you face your Covid-19 fallout issues and find solutions. PX3 Medical offers more than healthcare resume filtering.  We become your healthcare and executive staffing partner.  For information on how to combat employee turnover and how to locate optimum healthcare candidates, visit

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