Dotcom Magazine Interview of Jeremy Foley on Healthcare Staffing
The right healthcare staffing fit

Dotcom Magazine Interview of Jeremy Foley on Healthcare Staffing

In case you missed it, Jeremy Foley was recently interviewed by Andy Jacob for Dotcom Magazine.  Healthcare staffing today is a critical industry.  PX3 Medical Staffing was chosen for the interview because it offers a unique approach to staffing issues:  Extreme Efficiency.   Everyone likes to make claims of efficiency, but at PX3 Medical Staffing, we make it our way of doing business.  And we back it up with happy clients. Clients saved hours and weeks of interviews because the PX3 Medical Staffing team got to know their needs and found the right candidates to fill them.

As Jeremy Foley put it: “…the first step in helping our clients become more efficient is really understanding who they are and what they need.”

Finding the Right fit

“There’s a lot of people to choose from in the [healthcare staffing] market. And the reality is most of those people aren’t going to be a good fit for the culture or even the community that these employers represent.” Jeremy Foley

Finding the right candidate to fit your healthcare facility’s culture is about more than a CV or resume.  Finding the right healthcare or executive candidate can only happen when the medical staffing firm understands more than position requirements. Getting the right physician or executive for an organization requires an understanding of where the organization is moving. 

Determining the Need

When an organization approaches Jeremy with an urgent healthcare staffing need, they want to hire right now.  Jeremy is driven to understand the people, so we can understand the problems they face.  Then we can present real solutions to solve those staffing issues.

We understand not just the experience criteria required in a potential candidate, but the cultural need of the healthcare organization.  That allows us to sift through qualified candidates more quickly to find true-match candidates. Those are the applicants we pass on to our clients. 

Finding a physician or executive as passionate about your organization as you are, can be the solution a given organization needs.  That is why PX3 Medical Staffing takes its staffing approach seriously.

The PX3 Medical Staffing Process

Part of the onboarding process for new PX3 Medical Staffing clients is to establish what their dream candidate looks like.  Oddly, many of the priorities voiced during this process are characteristics that should be inherent in the position, according to Jeremy Foley.  The best candidates should be a fit for the organization’s culture, someone who empowers those around them, someone who’s driven to do more than the minimum job description demands. 

So PX3 Medical Staffing learns your healthcare organizations culture, structure, and goals.  Then we work through candidates who embody your brand ideals, who match your structure and the direction you plan to go. 

Instead of sending three to six people over to interview, we work to determine which candidate matches AND really wants to work at your healthcare organization.  Once, you might have worked through half a dozen candidates, made an offer only to be turned down by a candidate who found a better offer elsewhere.  We are committed to bringing you a candidate who fits, and who really wants to work for you.  You win, the candidate wins, and so does PX3 Medical Staffing. Contact us to learn more.

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