Healthcare Worker Shortage Mitigation
You need new healthcare workers

Healthcare Worker Shortage Mitigation

Healthcare Worker Shortage

You need new healthcare workers…

You need new healthcare workers but so does every other healthcare facility around.  There is a healthcare worker shortage projected to continue for the next five to ten years.  How do you find quality candidates?  How do you give your staff time to consider the candidates’ skillsets?   Today, healthcare new hire candidates check out your organization as thoroughly as you check them out.  Your healthcare organization brand could determine your candidate pool.

Protect and Promote your Brand. 

92% of healthcare jobseekers say they research healthcare organizations before applying.  Employer branding is an essential resource for them.  There are multiple ways to strengthen and improve your brand. 

To improve your brand, ensure proper brand positioning.  Start by making sure you establish an internal, cohesive brand comprehension.  Your healthcare employees need to understand the brand as well as your marketing department. 

Layout the path for service development, brand identity and for marketing communications.

Distinguish your brand, and your organization from your competition.  This can be handled through patient service policies, employee wellness policies and more.  The more comprehensive, the more you can protect and nourish your brand and your facility.

Use Multiple Resources to Locate And Hire New Employees.

Nurses are one of the most visible brand ambassadors your organization has.  When you have a shortage of nursing staff, your entire organization suffers.  Filling that shortage will require a more comprehensive approach than in past years. 

Part of your approach should include a third party staffing agency like PX3 Medical.  PX3 Medical can cut the time and resources you put into finding and hiring the right healthcare and executive workers. PX3 Medical becomes your ambassador, keeping communications open to potential healthcare workers who fit in your community.

As part of your comprehensive approach, a more future-focused approach is needed.  Develop a relationship with local high schools, colleges and training centers.  You might even offer scholarships to worthy students to open the recruitment door earlier to the  future healthcare workforce. 

Your website “job board” is another way to increase your hiring options and broaden the prospective worker pool.

Current CDC healthcare staffing recommendations recommend communication.  “Be in communication with local healthcare coalitions, federal, state, and local public health partners … to identify additional HCP… when needed.”

Make Sure Your Employee Benefits Stand Out Among Your Peers.

Remarkably, one of the biggest factors in healthcare worker termination during the first year is not salary.  Healthcare workers have concerns about the lack of flexibility in scheduling.  Considering the strange year healthcare made it through, the stress levels are understandably higher than normal.  Having competitive compensation to offer new hires certainly matters.  Still, keep in mind morale-boosting benefits like cross-training and flex time so healthcare workers can trade hours when necessary. 

Another creative approach to staunching first year burnout is a job share program that one institution implemented.  A job share program accommodates quality experienced nurses around 55 to 60 years old, who want shorter shifts.  The older nurses were paired with a young nurse being trained.  The young nurse took the pressure of a heavier work load off of the older nurse.  The older nurse shared knowledge and experience with the new nurse.  Neither retirement nor burnout occurs, mitigating a shortage.

While there are many creative offsets to the looming healthcare shortage, it needs to start with quality hiring.  Once you have great healthcare workers, passionate about their work, you can  resolve policy issues within your organization.  PX3 Medical can help you with the quality candidates.  We don’t just tick off check boxes on a list; we match candidates to your brand, your culture.  PX3 Medical finds the permanent staffing solution on which you can build new growth.

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