What’s at the Center of Successful Physician Recruiting
Center of Successful Physician Recruiting

What’s at the Center of Successful Physician Recruiting

In spite of the physician shortage, healthcare organizations are hiring or planning to hire more doctors and other healthcare professionals.  Especially in a shortage knowing how to successfully recruit top talent is essential.  Your physician recruiting needs are our main focus at PX3Medical Staffing.  We become your recruitment partner, searching for not just a top recruit, but one that fits your organizational needs almost before you know them. 

Best recruitment practices start with two questions to be carefully considered, prior to the search for your next physician hire. The answers to these two questions lie at the center of successful physician recruiting practices.

  1. What is your healthcare employee of choice?
  2. What makes your healthcare organization an employer of choice? 

This is the point at which you need to evaluate your most critical needs and wants in a new recruit.  What do you need from them, not just as a job description, but in intangible qualities, like team player or leader?  When you have created the list of wants, prioritize them.  The prioritization is critical to understanding not just what you want, but what you need in a recruit.

The second half of that question may be a little harder if you haven’t already worked it out.  What are the qualities that make your healthcare facility an employer of choice?  Is it because you consider the work-life balance of your team?  Do you offer benefits like relocation assistance and other services that make it easy to focus on patient care?  Does your organization have great career potential?  Family atmosphere?  It’s a good idea to list the things that you find are why working for your facility is a great experience. 

Commensurate Compensation

It might surprise you to learn that money is not the only issue to broach in the physician recruiting process, though it is still a big one.   Freshly graduated doctors especially want to see a return on investment of the time, money and energy they spend on the education for the position.  For them the commensurate financial compensation is usually of primary concern.  But for many doctors, competitive compensation goes beyond the dollar. 

If you have the ideal position for your doctor recruit, there may be needs in addition to money your  recruit wants in a compensation package.  As a healthcare organization, what sets your compensation benefits apart from the rest?  Here are some examples of valued items to highlight to your candidate(s)

  • Medical malpractice insurance.  Older physicians actually left the field years ago when the rates went through the roof.  This can literally make or break a physician, so be sure to discuss it.
  • Education reimbursement.  If you cover required CMEs, you should share that morsel of information.  Student loan payoffs is another highly sought after benefit in young recruits.
  • Vacation time – let’s face it, as proven by 2020,  a doctor can have a brutal work schedule and burnout is inevitable.  Yes, you want physicians willing to work diligently for you, but you will also need to offer a decent work-life balance to reel in choice specimens.
  • Paid relocation.  Will you cover their moving expenses, losses from early sale of prior homes, utility hook up etc. ?  if the candidate has relocated before they may have a list of questions about travel per diems and concierge services.  Are there any arrangements you handle on their behalf that will make the move for the candidate and their family smoother?  Any services offered, such as help with school transfers, and church introductions, should be presented as part of the benefits you offer.

Work-Life Balance

While you are considering the benefits your organization should offer deserving candidates, it might be a good time to review what you feel is a manageable workload.  You may have expectations of the new recruit that you think are normal.  It is still critical to communicate those expectations to the recruit.  As an example, if you expect them to work every holiday the first year, you should let them know now.  Good communication can avoid problems later.

In fact, At the center of good physician recruiting is communication.  This encompasses transparency of your expectations, brand clarity, responsiveness and honesty.

Brand Clarity & Honesty:

How easy do you make it for candidates to evaluate your organization?  This is not just to shape their impressions early.  It can save time with candidates who believe they are interested in what you offer, only to discover what you offer is not what they thought.  The dialog a recruiter will have with candidates is critical to determine what motivates them and to delve into issues and concerns candidate may have prior to the actual interview process with the healthcare facility.

Responsive Communication

Responsiveness of all parties involved in the physician recruiting process shapes the experience for each.  Candidates will discuss their experience with each other, not just locally, but on multiple social media platforms.  Your brand is worth taking the time to ensure professionalism, clarity and timeliness of responses.  If you are short of time, this is just one more way PX3 Medical Staffing can partner with you to protect your brand while ensuring the right fit of a candidate to your organizational culture.

Candidate interviews

Once the candidate has been vetted and communication has revealed a good fit to your organization,  the candidate interview is an excellent opportunity to check the candidate’s fit to your organizations culture and your expectations.  It is critical that you make sure to communicate what the job encompasses.  This includes both written and unwritten responsibilities.  For instance, will the new hire be expected to spend time in mentoring future physicians.  The interview is also an opportunity to present your job offer and how it could be as beneficial to the candidate as it is to your organization.

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