Top 5 Steps in Physician Recruitment Process
physician recruitment process

Top 5 Steps in Physician Recruitment Process

The recruiting and hiring process for top tier physicians is complex and drawn out. Recently, Cleveland Clinic published an eight page booklet on proper handling of their physician recruitment process.  The first paragraph states, “The process of physician recruitment is a multi-faceted series of processes and procedures. It involves working with Department Chairmen and staff to ascertain future physician needs and then strategizing with respect to how best to approach attracting the most qualified candidates for the anticipated vacancies. “

Read on to see several universal time and money savings steps within the physician recruitment process, by the recruitment specialists at PX3 Medical Staffing.

Identify the hiring need

1 Identify the Hiring Need.

The hiring process can’t begin until you realize there is an unsatisfied need within your organization.  Anticipating positions that will soon need to be filled is crucial.  Knowing when a physician is retiring, or relocating, or taking a sabbatical is information that needs to be acted on.  Know your staff by keeping communications open with your team.  Be aware of changes, burnout levels, and other factors that indicate you will soon be short staffed.  Unawareness could necessitate a great deal of time spent putting out fires and fighting to protect your organization’s brand. It can also have you spending much more time on the steps in the physician recruitment process.

2 Create a Physician Recruitment Plan

Plans are vital for every smooth running facility.  Recruitment plans are no different.  Know who will carry out your recruitment actions and what the process will entail. 

Outside Physician Recruitment Staffing Firm

Involving an outside staffing firm like PX3 Medical Staffing can do more than save time.  An objective 3rd party can work with your team on the criteria new recruits need to meet.  Unlike an internal recruitment team, a staffing firm will focus wholly on recruiting the right match to your organization.  You already have developed your brand.  If you handle the search internally, you will need to present both the brand and the location favorably.  It is difficult to weed out poorly fitting candidates while you are promoting your organization. 

PX3 Medical Staffing will focus on vetting candidates who appear to be the right fit to the culture of your organization.  Once the candidates are narrowed down to a select few for your healthcare facility, we will help with the visit coordination.  You get relief from candidate identification through myriads of interviews.  Instead, you can focus on planning and communicating.  PC3 Medical Staffing thrives on “helping “healthcare organizations and leaders around the healthcare sector find the top 1% of talent, even in a candidate-short marketplace.” Jeremy Foley in a DotCom Magazine interview on June 10.2021.

Internal Recruiting Department

In addition to promoting the brand during the recruitment process, an internal recruitment team will need to identify candidates.  Published ads, online applications and mountains of resumes are all ways to attract and identify hiring candidates.  The process can last from 6 months to a year to complete, and the costs rise quickly.  It is critical to keep the plan as efficient as possible.  Once you know whether how the recruiting plan will be executed, you are ready to go to the next steps in hiring.

3 Create a Job Description

Assuming everyone will know what your expectations are for a position, will lead to frustration for all parties.  For each position, create and write down a complete job description.  Include all responsibilities from tasks to supervisory roles that are included in the position.  Next make a list of the criteria you expect a good prospective candidate to meet.  Consider your brand and culture when you create the job description.  Does the position include mentoring?  Does it require teambuilding?

4 Determine Compensation

Once you know what responsibilities of a new recruit, you need to figure out the job compensation.  Know all of what you are offering, including intangibles like opportunity and benefits, etc. as well as salary range.  It is critical to have this information before you or your staffing agency begin the candidate search. 

5 Create Your Post Hire Physician Retention Plan

You have the process, you know who will execute the recruitment plan, you know what positions need to be filled.  You know what those recruits will be responsible for doing and what they will be paid.  If your plan did not include post hire employee retention, consider making the plan next.  By keeping the employees you have, you will not only save on training costs, but you will also build a reputation as the healthcare facility where doctors and staff want to stay.  It is an incredibly powerful future recruiting tool.  For information on how to locate optimum healthcare candidates, Contact Us or call (925)948-8749.

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