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Third Party Medical Recruiters

What Third Party Medical Recruiting Can Do for You

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Who We Are

Medical recruiting is an essential industry involving professional perspective, expertise, and the ability to find the best candidate for healthcare facilities seeking them. We know how to make compelling connections with physicians, physician associates, and healthcare executives. We use those relationships to help our clients and their brands with more effective medical recruiting services.

What We Do That Changes Your Medical Recruiting Process

We aid you in finding the ideal candidate for your organization and brand. To do this, we guide you through several medical recruiting steps that yield proven results time after time.

We’ll Help You Identify Needs v. Wants

Before we search for your next best hire, we need to have a conversation about your wants list…and who you need. The two lists are surprisingly different. The first is who you believe fits where your organization is going. The second addresses gaps you currently have in your facility that need to be filled. As your medical recruiting partner, it is essential to go through your organization’s brand and its challenges today. Then let’s discuss where you would like to see your organization in 1,2 or 5 years from now. We do this because PX3 Medical is not just a medical recruiting firm, but a staffing partner to find the right fit for your brand.

We Walk You Through Creating a Job Description

Once you know the immediate needs and future wants, it is time to prepare a job description for each doctor, PA, or executive you need to hire. Make sure you include every responsibility for the position, from tasks to supervisory and mentorship roles.

Provide Supercharged 3rd Party Time Saving Tasks

A medical recruiting firm like PX3 Medical Staffing can shortcut several steps in the recruitment process by devising the recruitment strategy on your behalf. PX3 locates and screens candidates so that you interview the shortlist of qualified, motivated potential hires. Our streamlined candidate identification process can save you weeks of labor. We took the time early in the process to get to know you and your organization’s needs. When we create your shortlist, it will be custom matched to your organizational brand.

The Interview Process

The PX3 team also acts as your ambassador during the recruitment process. During interviews, instead of selling your brand to candidates, your limited time is put to better use. When it is time to interview, you can use the time to check the candidate’s qualifications and organizational culture match.

Why We Can Help Your Organization

By contracting medical recruiting to a third party, PX3 Medical Staffing, you gain focused experience dedicated to your recruitment needs. We offer physician search, executive search, leadership search, advanced provider search, consultation, and post-hire support. We pride ourselves on knowing where great motivated talent is available to fill our client’s needs. Yet, we can be there to support you not just during the hiring process, but beyond We save clients hundreds and even thousands of C.V. screenings, by delivering the kind of first-string shortlist you need. If you need more time than you have and find it increasingly difficult to find qualified staff, contact us here. It costs you nothing, but it could change the way you view medical recruiting altogether.

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