Why Recruitment Is Your Best Retention Tool

Why Recruitment Is Your Best Retention Tool

There are two main problems that almost every company in the world struggles with regardless of the industry that they work in. Those two problems are:

  1. Hiring great talent that is a cultural fit for the company
  2. Getting this talent to stay 

Just like in the sports world, getting the top talent to commit to your team will give you a huge leg up over other teams. This initial step of recruiting the right players (not just the best) is by far the most important. That’s because if you’re able to nail the recruitment, retention will take care of itself.

This is why recruitment is your best retention tool.

The wrong providers will never stay

It can be tempting to jump the gun when it comes to recruiting. It’s generally a long and monotonous process. This makes it easy to want to hire the first qualified applicant who fits the mold of what you’re looking for. However, this can be a critical mistake.

Jumping the gun and accidentally hiring the wrong providers can have very lasting effects. That’s because if you hire the wrong providers, they will never stay. More than just getting the top talent, it’s critical that they are a fit for your organization culturally. Providers who don’t gel with the community can do irreparable harm.

Providers hired for the wrong reasons will never stay

If you hire a provider for the wrong reasons, they will never be motivated to stay. Just like every football team wants a 5-star recruit, every company wants to hire a superstar. However, the bigger reason to ask before hiring that superstar is: are they going to be happy on our team? If that answer is no, then you can save a lot of time and money by choosing someone else.

Instead of just their personal abilities, it’s important to make sure to hire people that fit your mission, philosophy, and practice dynamic. The best paper qualifications in the world don’t guarantee good matches, no matter how much you want them to. Just like the saying goes “you can’t fit a square peg in a circular hole.”

New providers are better than stale employees

This can be a difficult truth but just like a failed relationship, sometimes the best option for both parties is to just move on. This is never an easy decision to make and you should definitely give the working relationship a few chances. However, if it’s still not working out after numerous attempts then it’s best to just move on.

Sticking with what you know (the existing provider) is the easier decision to make. However, if you refuse to change then you also know that you’re likely to just get more of the same lackluster performance and existing baggage.

Why continue to suffer when you can start with a blank slate?

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