Recruiting Challenges
Healthcare Hiring Challenges

Recruiting Challenges

And the Recruiting Challenges Solutions.

You’re a good healthcare company to work for.  So why are there so many recruiting challenges in finding and hiring good candidates? What are the solutions?

Larger Organizations Competing

Big brands are magnetic for many of the most qualified candidates.  People are drawn to what they know, and large equals job security to many.  Then there are the higher salaries and better benefit packages.  So what should you do to compete?

Okay, so you may not be able to compete with the salary and benefit packages of the larger health facilities.  What you can offer are attributes that those large firms don’t possess.  In the last year, there was a high occurrence of healthcare worker burnout.  Being a faceless cog in the machinery of big healthcare is one of the complaints repeatedly seen in recent months. 

Another issue is inflexible work hours.  Your organization offers the opportunity to make a difference in patient care and organizational brand.  That is a powerful force of attraction.  Develop a way to offer some flexible scheduling and you have a gold ring worthy recruits want.  You can end up with a vibrant company culture, that will lead to more quality recruitment candidates.

Establishing an effective hiring process.

Creating a hiring process can be frustrating and time consuming.  How will you advertise the job?  How do you create an engaging job description that pulls in the right kind of candidates?  What do you look for in resumes that can help you more quickly and effectively cull through them?  Who should you bring in for interviews?  Once you do, what questions eliminate the ones you need to eliminate, while accentuating the ones you want to find?  There is no getting around it.  If you handle the entire hiring process in house, it can be a long, involving, complicated and costly process.  PX3 Medical as your staffing partner, works with you to shorten your recruitment process.  Our depth of experience in locating, engaging and filtering candidates, substantially reduces hours of your planning, sifting and interviewing work. 

Long-term Employee Retention.

Employee retention begins during the hiring process.  The right recruits don’t just fit the job, but integrate into your organizational culture.  That is why PX3 Medical takes the time to get to know their clients, goals and culture.  We are fitting an invaluable resource to your healthcare organization for the long-term.  That goes beyond just filling an empty position today.

No organization can resolve long-term employee retention without a strong management team in place.  Before you hire any employee, it is critical that you clarify and recognize your needs, your goals, and your current status.  Stop to consider: Where is your organization today? What talents do you need to achieve your goals? Strong leadership can build value addons for your healthcare workers, like better training, mentorships, support and more.  PX3 Medical is an executive recruiting agency in addition to healthcare staffing agency.  We have valuable resources to offer you in planning for your short and long-term goals.  

PX3 Medical offers more than healthcare resume filtering.  We become your healthcare and executive staffing partner.  For information on how to combat recruiting challenges to locate optimum healthcare candidates, visit or call (925)948-8749.

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