Why You Should Hire From Outside Your Local Market

Why You Should Hire From Outside Your Local Market

Choosing to hire directly from your local talent pool is usually a fairly easy decision. These candidates will know the area and most likely already know your company. There is also usually a wide market of local candidates to choose from. 

However, in this case, the easy decision is not always the right one. There are many reasons why you should hire from outside your local market. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why this will be beneficial.

 New people tend to be more loyal

Candidates that relocate to work with your company tend to be more loyal than local candidates over the long-term. Part of the reason why is that they just moved their family from across the country to accept this position. This means that they did not make this decision lightly or quickly.

Since they put so much time and effort into the decision, they are more likely to put time and effort into making the job work out. Additionally, assuming they moved from far away, they will also be unfamiliar with the area and tentative to quit the only thing they are familiar with (their job).

On the other hand, local candidates have very little to lose by quitting a new job. They’re very familiar with the area and can always search around for a new one. If they accept a new job and don’t like it, they can just quit it and return to their previous life with no drawbacks.

Locals are always looking for the next best thing 

The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” can apply specifically to recruiting. Local candidates will happily take a job across the street for just a few more dollars an hour. In this sense, there is very little loyalty between local employees and the place where they work.

Another reason local candidates might switch roles is simply that the commute may become tiresome and they want to find something closer. Candidates moving from far away will factor the commute into where they choose to live.

Transplants have a fresh perspective 

In business, it’s always a good idea to bring in fresh ideas. Getting employees with a fresh perspective will give you the opportunity to shelter them. On the other hand, locals tend to already have an opinion or perspective on every available employer (even if they have no direct work experience with them.)

Word of mouth is powerful and word travels quickly among locals. Reputations, whether they are real or perceived, can eventually become the truth. However, new providers will be immune to this effect as they are fresh blood, so to speak. Bringing in fresh providers gives you the opportunity to build long-term loyalty.

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