Why Your HR Should Try PX3 Medical Staffing
Physician Shortage-its why your hr should try PX3 Medical Staffing

Why Your HR Should Try PX3 Medical Staffing

There is a Physician Shortage

This example really happened and it reminds us how severe the physician shortage is.  It is another reason your HR should try PX3 Medical Staffing. 

Meet Ted.  Ted’s wife Kay was eight months pregnant when both Ted and Kay contracted COVID-19.  Ted was ill, but Kay was getting sicker. Soon Kay’s doctor decided to hospitalize her and perform an emergency C-section to protect the baby.  The baby needed oxygen but quickly rebounded and was released once Ted could prove negativity for COVID.  The baby’s mother, Kay spiraled downward until a ventilator was necessary, followed by a period on an ECMO machine. 

Kay was hospitalized

It soon became apparent that Kay needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital with the necessary equipment and surgical capability.  Kay might need a lung transplant. There was a hospital within a two hour drive.  Unfortunately, it was experiencing a bed and staff shortage.  There was another hospital a four hour drive away, but it also had a bed and staff shortage.  Kay had to be flown to healthcare facilities in another state, a twelve hour drive away from her husband and newborn baby. 

Non healthcare workers believed the country will get back to normal in the wake of the pandemic.  Unfortunately, the virus is not done wreaking havoc. We are hardly better prepared, staffed or stocked for it than we were a year ago.  Hospitals have a critical bed and human resource shortage.  In the past, US hospitals have relied on transferring staff and equipment from a surplus area to the facility experiencing a critical need.  Today, every hospital HR is scrambling to find reliable skilled physicians to recruit.  Your HR should try PX3 Medical Staffing to gain the recruitment edge.

3rd Party Recruitment Firms can be the Solution.

Using an outside staffing firm not only casts a wider net, but can save your HR department time, stress and money.  PX3 Medical Staffing uses a proven process that provides physician staffing solutions even in the midst of a national shortage.  We use people to place people.  Contact us to learn more or read on.

PX3 is People Placing People.

That means we recognize your brand culture and who will become part of that brand.  While we may use software for part of our procedures, in the end, we still believe the human touch makes the difference in the candidates we find for your organization.  It means we can better match candidates with your facility’s unique goals and culture. Since the matches are better, so are the odds that your new hires will stay with your healthcare organization.  They will be able to grow with your organization too.  And that makes for a brighter future for both you and your new hire.

Not Every Interested Recruit is Unemployed.

Some physicians might be the perfect addition to your team, but are already employed.  That doesn’t mean they are satisfied, nor does it mean they aren’t interested.  While your HR is scouring unemployed doctor and executive CVs, PX3 is looking further.  PX3 researches multiple options and resources.  We hunt down the right candidate with the right traits to become part of your organization’s unique culture.  Because we are a physician and senior executive recruiting firm, interested candidates reach out to us. In the current staffing shortage, additional recruiting resources is critical.

Even with an excellent, capable HR department, an outside staffing agency can be the right choice to enhance recruiting options.  PX3 works with HR personnel regularly to define current need, future goals and the culture candidates will integrate into.  Find out today how we can brighten tomorrow for your healthcare facility by contacting us here or calling (925)948-8749.  Learn why your HR should try PX3 Medical Staffing to supercharge its recruiting efforts.

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