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recruiting medical staff to rural hospitals

What are the main challenges when recruiting medical staff to Rural Hospitals? Part 3 of a Series

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A job is one aspect of life, albeit a significant one. Yes, it is a large part of our character, sense of self. It is also the place where we spend the majority of our time.

Therefore, it needs to be something we find rewarding and want to continue doing.

However, although sometimes it doesn’t seem like this is really true, there are other things in life!

We need people, places, experiences, and all kinds of amenities.

We take for granted our ability to visit the movies, the gym, go to a game, visit your favorite steak- house. Or that coffee place we all know and love.

The pandemic taught us just we had not given that ability much thought until 2020.

Even though Internet shopping is here to stay, many enjoy the experience of going out for a retail fix.

When considering a rural location are people prepared to sacrifice the ease and buzz of an urban environment?

As a specialist in rural recruitment, we understand that promoting positions in rural areas requires a different more focused approach. It’s another perspective.

Yes, there are challenges to working in rural areas. Yet they do have their equivalent and worse in cities. However, here are a few things that require employers to consider before thinking about recruitment.

Family Need and Consideration

Moving location with a family is a much bigger deal. There are others to consider, not just the person applying for a role.

What will the location offer the family in termof education opportunities, possibilities for work in different niches?

Is there enough for them to do? Is the population predominantly senior?

What happens if the partner cannot align their career prospects in the place where their other half wants to accept a role?

Location, Location, Location

As I mentioned in the introduction rural locations are often sparsely populated. There can be long distances from large cities and other facilities urbanistas take for granted. In addition, family ties can become much looser when long distance is put between family members.

We have plenty of ideas to help you create the perfect package to help attract the best team to your location.

Residency Programs and Training

Consider where most residency programs are run? It’s likely they all happen in major urban centers. Training is a very positive experience, full of optimism and is often consolidated by the personal experiences within a city. As a human we attach good times and good memories to certain places where we felt happiest.

Therefore, if that can be replicated when medical staff actually begin work then why not stay where they trained?

 You can see how easy it is for people to slip into what they know. It’s the default and something most of us do.

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