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It is no secret that there is a major physician shortage throughout the country, and that it continues to get worse. Outside of the obvious challenge that this shortage presents to healthcare institutions, there are also hidden detriments in the form of provider burnout and patient migration. PX3 Medical can offer a strategic staffing solution to your current challenges or recruitment efforts by providing a locum tenens physician or advance practice provider.

Total Projected Physician Shortfall

Total Projected Physician Shortfall

Percentage of Physicians Reporting Burnout

Physician Burnout by Specialty

Whether it be a medical leave, staffing gaps or recruitment challenges, we can provide you with options which will allow your organization to bridge gaps and maintain the continuity and level of patient care desired. PX3 Medical also will take the time to learn the culture of an organization and identify candidates that will seamlessly be able to mesh in with your existing medical staff and community.