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“As an HR Director in a high growth private equity portfolio company, responsible for attracting great talent at the Provider level for our specialty clinics, we were expanding our healthcare services at a steady pace. The placement opportunities were often in rural communities where candidates were making a lifestyle as well as career path choice. The partnership and placement support received whileworking with Jeremy was absolutely essential to our success. Jeremy was able to place 10 Providers in the span of a 9-month period, enabling us to maintain consistent staffing at existing clinics while also opening 3 additional clinics. Consistency in Providers is vital to our Vision and the communities we served. Jeremy’s intuition for our business needs and culture was a differentiating factor, leading to an impressive retention rate for his placements with us. I look forward to working with Jeremy in the future.”

Marcellla Damours, Nova Health.
Eugene, Oregon

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“It has been a pleasure working with Jeremy for the past 12 years or so! I have always respected him for his knowledge of our environment and our needs—he took the time to come and have a personal awareness of the region. To this date I think of him as the recruiter who best vetted candidates for our positions before presenting them. Many recruiters will try to force a square peg into a round hole so that they can get their commission—he took great pains to ensure that the candidates he presented had some connection or other reason why our position might fit with their life needs. He did a great job understanding what we needed. He is always prompt with responses to our queries and questions. His answers showed the depth of his engagement with the candidates he was representing and that he knew what he needed as well as he knew what we needed. Your professionalism was top-notch. I knew that if I listed a position with him, I’d better be ready to interview candidates as he would very quickly be sending them to me and they’d all be a good match for our position!”

David McDermott, Northern Light Mayo Hospital
Foxcroft, ME

“Jeremy was very supportive and helped me through each step in the hiring process. I really enjoyed the follow up and attention that I received along the hiring process from him, unlike the other recruiters. I felt like I have known him for many years and developed a good friendship over time. If you really want attention, support, and respect when searching for your lifelong career, then Jeremy is your guy. I was very satisfied with my overall experience and I can’t wait to work with him again in the near future.”

Kirit Saigal, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Winnemucca, NV


“OCMH was completely satisfied working with Jeremy for recruitment of our two mid-level providers. We were actually only recruiting for one position but he provided such qualified candidates we selected two! He listened to our needs and learned about our culture and our community and selected the candidates he thought would be a good fit for us. The process was very detail oriented and because of his excellent communication and organizational skills the entire process was seamless. It was great working with such a professional but caring recruiter – I would definitely use him again in the future!”

Marianna Harris, CEO - Osborne County Memorial Hospital.

“We worked with Jeremy Foley for several years when a need was identified for an Advanced Practice Provider.  Most recently this was for an APP in an orthopedic office.  Jeremy quickly identified several qualified candidates, one of whom was hired. During the phone interview phase, as well as the in-person interview stages, Jeremy made arrangements to suit both parties. Jeremy always represented the needs of our organization accurately. Communication was key between myself, Jeremy and the candidates.  It was timely, which is extremely important, many times later in the evening as my schedule and or that of the orthopedists allowed.  This was not a problem for Jeremy. I have found Jeremy to act in a professional and ethical manner, without question.  He is accommodating but thorough and truthful. I enjoyed working with him.”

Avah Stalnaker, MHA, CEO - Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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“Weeks has always been very satisfied with the providers Jeremy has referred, and we have hired several well qualified mid-levels through these referrals.  Of note, at least two of those providers have been with us now for more than 10 years.  I feel that Jeremy accurately represented the needs of our organization and gave the applicants a very clear picture of both Weeks and the area.  Communications were prompt and complete.  I would not hesitate to work with Jeremy again.”

Rona Glines, VP Physician and Administrative Services.