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What Your Medical Staff Needs Mean To Us

I have been recruiting to rural markets for over 16 years. Three-quarters of that experience has been with Critical Access Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Mental Health Centers.

I formed PX3 because I knew my team had more professional knowledge about undeserved markets than most. We are in the unique opportunity of having traveled much of the country and toured many facilities. This has ensured a first-hand comprehension of how communities engage with local and regional health services. This has transformed the search process and its outcomes.

PX3’s focus is on placing long term hires only, usually 3+ year contracts at a minimum. Healthcare providers, executives and senior leadership are our main areas. PX3 is growing to serve the increasing need for key members in rural medicine. The team, backed by my expertise and oversight will deliver excellent attention to detail plus comprehension of rural markets and execution of win-win outcomes.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.

What we do

Quality Hires

We provide outstanding search capability through teamwork, accountability and innovation. This reflects in the quality of your hires

Procuring the Best Talent

Our procurement process is unique to PX3 Medical and designed to immediately filter out the best candidate to fit your needs.

Excellence is our Standard

We maintain the highest ethical standards from introduction and throughout the entire process.

PX3 Medical isn’t a resume service

We are here to help you make a hire and we understand that process better than anyone.

Why we exist

We commit to always performing at our best to solve your specific healthcare requirements. We understand your market and the challenges that you are currently facing. Our whole reason for existing is to help you complete your teams and enable your organization to grow, flourish and serve the community effectively.

Our clients stay with us because they are assured a personalized and quality service.   One that delivers results with each hire, no matter how challenging. PX3 is run by people that place people. There is absolutely nothing automated about our service. This is the cornerstone of everything we undertake. We care deeply about your medical recruitment and staffing needs. We are entrusted to solve difficult problems in a manner that is secure and confidential. This extends from the first contact, to the last. Trust and professionalism are the first attributes our clients recognize as we offer solutions rather than problems.

Frequently asked questions

This is of course dependent on a number of factors. The location, specialty, salary and schedule. Or the size and amenities available in your community. As we have been in this sector for over 16 years. We see this issue with almost every client we assist. We know that location can have a huge impact on attracting talent, so the first thing you can do is: communicate why you are looking, what you need and what you want. We will then take the search on for you.

We can help. The roles you are looking for are not just a title. You will be looking for a good fit with respect to both skills and culture. As your position will be unique to you, different even from your nearest competitor. Each role is nuanced and at PX3 we understand this. So, we hope contacting us will be the first thing you do when you are struggling to attract healthcare personnel.

Although there’s a shortage of medical personnel across the whole of the U.S. We know that a prime location, or a desirable organization will attract strong applicant flow. There will always be local and internal candidates, especially in an attractive metropolitan area. And of course, you have people elsewhere in the country looking to move to your great location. This is wonderful news in many respects and your organization will have much more activity and applicants than they probably know what to do with. When 100 of them look good, how do you begin the process of finding the right candidate in an efficient manner?

Popular institutions are often inundated with CVs and applications and are very slow getting back to those that apply. Perhaps they think it’s not important, as there’s always a steady stream of people wanting to work at certain hospitals. Social media is where your hiring approach is discussed. Word of mouth is very important, and your brand can suffer if you take a nonchalant approach.

At PX3 Medical we take care to protect your brand as just one aspect of what we do. You won’t need to take six months to sort out the applications. We are not here to supplant your team, but act as a resource, as a partner and ambassador for you. We carefully tighten down on your requirements. 1000 potential candidates is too many. And you won’t get to your goal efficiently, if ever. We like to find out what you need, so that we can take charge in the interview process. Reducing the list to 1 or 2 people that are 100% the best fit. We do this so you can focus on more important issues. When we know exactly what you are looking for, then we will come up with a guaranteed match. Our aim is to fine tune the search process to ensure it is more focused. This will allow to concentrate your efforts and time on finding the perfect fit.

Absolutely. Our goal is to always assist our clients in bringing on long-term talent. However, we must caution you. The best retention mechanisms in the world, will not make up for a poor hire. We believe that the best retention comes from making the right hire. Therefore, with our process. You are assured a long-term player in your organization. As by default our candidates will more closely match your vision, mission and culture. Thereby retaining themselves under this perfect matrimony.

This is of course dependent on a number of factors. The location, specialty, salary and schedule. Not to mention the time of the year. It is difficult to generalize. So please contact us for a no obligation initial conversation. We can then assess your need and the exact right fit for your organization.

If a provider leaves unexpectedly for example, it can leave quite a hole to fill. Initially it is worth considering just what type of provider you will need as a replacement. Is it a nurse practitioner or physician for example? Are there existing staff that might be able to take on more duties or be more flexible, for example? Are your current teams capable of absorbing the workload? How long would they be expected to do this? What would be the long-term impact? Is there risk involved in any way? If they cannot absorb the role, we discover why this is not possible and what other options might be available. Is it worth recruiting temporary coverage? How long might it be before staff reach a burn out scenario? What would happen at this point? Do you have any people on standby? Do you keep people on the boil that you can call on? At PX3 we believe an initial consultation to assess the potential risks, rewards and solutions may well save time and money, staff goodwill and retention. So, why not give us a call for a discussion about your staffing needs.

Absolutely…all our searches done confidentially unless you tell us otherwise. We would ask you why you need a confidential search. What do you wish to achieve by going forward in this way and even what you might be protecting, avoiding or what the motive might be in performing a confidential search. This helps us to recruit the right shortlist for you.

Call us and discuss what your current and future needs are likely to be. We also need to know what key medical position requires fulfilment. For example, a lower-level hire is something we do not generally deal with. You need to also work out the notice period and how much time you have on your side. For example, will you be right up against a holiday. What impact will that have? Do you have anyone that might be used as an interim? This could give you breathing space before making a permanent hire. By finding someone before the present incumbent leaves, might create an opportunity for a detailed handover that will prevent major disruption. Passing of the torch, helps the light burn brightly throughout the organization.

When it comes to professional service firms, for some there is zero reason to use a recruiter. However, recruitment firms are not all created equal. Consider when you decide to build a house there are many ways to go about the construction process. You might choose to use an architect, a structural engineer, or a general builder. You choose your team depending on your need and expected outcome. Recruitment firms come in three distinct types:

A Resume firm

This type goes to the internet or database as their primary source and scour online portals for CVs. This can be a good solution or a total mismatch at times. If you have a robust internal recruiting capacity, they can manage the hefty activity of screening and interviewing raw candidates. The downside is that using your own work force may mean that good candidates get lost in the shuffle. Or your team is too busy managing the pile. Rather than filtering out a select few applicants. However, if you need activity then this really is a good route for you.

High level contingent firm

These use the same concept, but take it to the next level and remove poor choices and obvious mismatches or those not qualified. They even talk to candidates and discuss what people are looking for in certain roles. This light screen search has an advantage, because it is good at generating activity that is predominantly pre-qualified. However, there is no guarantee that they will find the exact match you need.

Retained and exclusive firm

This is the category in which PX3 Medical sits. We take job requirements and turn them up to ten to find an exact match. Inevitably that means, there is not a huge amount of activity, as that would not be appropriate. We don’t keep your internal team busy with lots of candidates. However, what we do is find individuals that are an exact match for your highly specific requirements. When we send someone to you, they are an exact match.  And you can skip even a basic interview, as we will have done that for you. We understand exactly what you want a potential employee to do for you. We communicate this professionally and act as an ambassador for your institution.

Again, this is highly dependent on the factors of the role.  Market conditions, the existing administrative team and even your company branding can all effect success.  So please contact us for a no obligation initial conversation.  We can then assess your need and the exact right fit for your organization.

We work with every client on a unique basis.  Our goal is to create the right solution for every need.  So unfortunately, it is impossible to say what the exact investment is.  Our preference is always to consult with the client on the need.  As there are some clients who will not qualify to work with us.

We work with every client on a unique basis.  Our goal is to create the right solution for every need.  So unfortunately, it is impossible to say what the exact investment is.  Our preference is always to consult with the client on the need.  As there are some clients who will not qualify to work with us.

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