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Conclusion: Rural Recruitment – 10th of a Series

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At PX3 we are always looking at ways to improve and develop our approach to Healthcare recruitment. We tend to focus on one or two areas that need a bold approach. Then our strategy is to innovate and experiment. We check what works and then scale the initiatives that bring the results we are looking for.

When we undertake this plan, we get super sharp on exactly what we want to achieve and who we are. It is important to build a hyper distinctive culture. We bring our learnings and expertise to the table when it comes to hiring top talent.

Rural recruitment is evolving and will continue to transform.

Work itself has already changed and according to Elizabeth Mygatt, an associate partner in Boston who advises companies across multiple sectors on organizational transformation, there are 4 current macro trends to consider right now:

  •  Connectivity

  • Lower Transaction Costs

  •  Unprecedented automation Societal expectation

All of these things will affect what people want from a new role and the kind of questions they will be asking about the position you are advertising.

Remote and hybrid operating models have increased productivity and lower transaction costs mean that collaboration is far more secure and effective outside large organizations. In effect, Elizabeth says that every company and organization can be a technology business.

The people that are coming into work the Gen Z-ers have also developed very different approaches to their working environment and career structures.

Increased connectivity has undermined traditional ways of doing things and also the power structures which will take a shift in perspective and strategy.

Gen Z want faster promotion and also a tangible sense of purpose and meaning within the work they do.

They are not afraid to leave and find something new or set something up themselves.

This is what we are up against and it’s scary, challenging and extraordinarily exciting.

We are finding new ways of doing old things and PX3 are certainly here to help you find the people that will effect change and help your organization grow and thrive.

 So why not give us a call today and kickstart your recruitment?

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