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Lessons From the Pandemic: How It Changed Healthcare Forever

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We always knew that uncertainty is stressful, but researchers have recently confirmed that it is even more stressful than predictable negative consequences. Recent research found that humans have an evolutionary response to uncertainty – we practice our response to ever-present risks by recognizing when we’re not in control and using our energy to regain control.

Among other things, COVID taught us that control could not be the only response to life’s inevitable riskiness. It helped us embrace uncertainty. Consider this, right from when the pandemic was in its initial stages, we didn’t know what the virus was, how it spread, and how it would progress. We didn’t know how to contain it or how it would impact other health issues. And most importantly, how it would affect employee behavior. Even today, we don’t know how or when the pandemic will end.

The Pandemic Laid Bare Our Unpreparedness to Handle the Healthcare System

Have you noticed how most of us have a reactive rather than proactive approach to health? We don’t think much about physical or mental wellbeing unless we’re forced to deal with healthcare. Just as the pandemic shifted our health habits overnight, it has the same effect on the healthcare system as well. Almost instantly, the entire healthcare system was under siege, and all that we learned became irrelevant or inadequate. Agreed that the system didn’t fail, but it was under severe strain.

Covid Accelerated Healthcare’s Use of Technology and Digitization

Scientists, researchers, hospital management, and policymakers had to acknowledge the limitations of their data-based prediction models. As I said earlier, COVID pushed us to embrace uncertainty and consider several possible future circumstances. It humbled us to accept that we don’t have to know everything about solving a problem.

We had to accept the stress of ignorance or confidence about new technology. Suddenly, logistics and communication platforms were transformed or implemented for the first time.

Working In Silos Doesn’t Help with Healthcare

Healthcare needs a holistic and patient-centric approach. It is about the partnership between the stakeholders and healthcare workers to provide the best possible care. People may come to a surgery armed with internet medicine, but our observations have a small part to play.

Recognizing The Trends and Changes That Healthcare Organizations Require

As a healthcare executive recruiter, I see the need for CFOs and CEOs to take up more responsibility. We must also break down communication silos to ensure a patient-partnered approach. For instance, many diabetes patients do not know that they are at risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, and other long-term complications. This is because communication between patients and specialists is often managed episodically and not preventively.

We Need to Act Effectively and Immediately

Hospitals need to build systems and strategies that will scale quickly depending on the need or a crisis. No matter where these organizations are located or what demographics they cater to, we need a system that scales seamlessly and not deliberately. Such a system is especially useful in an emergency like the one we have been experiencing in recent times.

Do Healthcare Professionals Need to Chase Perfection?

Both healthcare professionals and hospitals look towards providing the utmost care at the end of the day. But the latter has the added duty of ensuring that their staff do not end up overworked and stressed. Stakeholders must work towards improving efficiency and effectiveness.

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