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Managing direct applications

Managing Direct Applications – 7th of a Series

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How does an organization attract quality candidates?

How much effort and thought has gone into the kind of marketing assets a hospital or clinic creates to enhance the experience?

We are all very sophisticated consumers of media and therefore anything that looks amateur or has a poor user experience says far more about a business than perhaps you might like people to know.

Attraction is very important. The average concentration span for something new is fewer than 8 seconds.

So how do you create a document or video that will be immediately attention-grabbing. It takes investment and also the right people that understand your business and its specific needs.

Consider also that the drop-off rate within the application process is huge: 80% to be exact.

Think of the time, effort and money that will cost a clinic or hospital.

Planning an approach and backing it up with really professional and engaging publicity materials is a very good start. If you lose the battle in the first skirmish you will have lost a potential candidate forever.


  • Clearly define the role.

  • Ask people what qualities are required and what the team feels about the next hire.

  • Be personable, be real but be enthusiastic about your opportunity. Do basic things like ensure keywords are appropriate and visible.

  • Check the material. Make sure it’s both factually accurate and up to date

  • Make every marketing asset attractive and provocative for potential applicants.

The job search process is a two-way relationship. Potential candidates want to know what benefits working with you will have for them. This is a shift in emphasis from the past for sure.

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