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Are You Looking for A Surgeon? Here Are A Few Things to Remember

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The healthcare industry can be surprisingly conservative for a sector that has always been enthusiastic about adopting cutting-edge technology. Consider this: according to statistics, an average American perceives a surgeon to be white, male, and around 49 living in New York or Florida and is most likely needed in Chicago. If you think this is depressing, read on:

  • Asian and Hispanic surgeons comprise only 9.6% and 5.5%, respectively
  • Black or African-American surgeons make up only 2.4% of the surgeon population
  • Women earn 98% less than what a male surgeon receives

The gender disparity even extends to the percentage of men to women surgeons – women make only 44.3% of the surgeon population while make constitute 47.6%.

Healthcare Needs to Lead with Technology, And Not Just Follow

Having worked in the healthcare recruitment industry since 2007, I must admit, these statistics don’t surprise me. Agreed, cutting-edge technological breakthroughs have helped save millions of lives. But we need a massive shakeup in terms of day-to-day management and administration. As devastating as it has been, COVID has changed workforce management forever. We have witnessed how various healthcare sectors have adapted to digital technology that would have otherwise taken a decade or more to achieve.

New Entrants Will Use Technology to Transform Healthcare

Millennials grew up in the digital age and have come to expect answers at the touch of a screen. They are accustomed to conveniences like on-demand delivery, instant communication, 24×7 access to various goods and services, etc. They are more ethically turned on and constantly drive brands to practice social responsibility. This generation expects employers to care about people and be offered more than a salary.

Gen Y, born between 1981 and 1996, is the first generation to grow up alongside technology. They are excited about using technology and love using the latest gadgets and software. This generation is happy to embrace remote working and prefers setting up a work-life balance. But they’re result-driven and would instead prefer achieving a lot in a shorter time.

But baby boomers are a different group altogether – they prioritize work and life differently than other generations. They aren’t resistant to technology but lack the training and understanding.

Change Is the Only Constant

The world is drastically different post-COVID. Could any of us predict what we’re experiencing right now? Telehealth services are now being used massively for large-scale screening, while mobile-enabled technology is being used to monitor individuals. Healthcare recruitment is adapting as well, albeit slowly. Trust me, healthcare is now ripe for disruption.

How Can Gen Y Workers Find a Place in The Tech World?

We know that Gen Y is innovative and respect efficiency. They are constantly searching for ways to improve and develop. This generation understands software and automation and will be invaluable to any healthcare provider.

Everything about healthcare – from training and recruitment to post-hire and digitalization, patient care, and affordability must be on the discussion table. If you want to work with a forward-looking healthcare recruitment company, we can be the perfect fit. At PX3, we understand contemporary challenges and find the ideal healthcare staff quickly and efficiently. We are committed to finding the best team – call now to discuss your requirements.

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