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Permanent Placement

From Locum Tenens to Permanent Placement

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Physicians’ job outlook is growing slower than average jobs.  Still, finding the right hire for permanent placement takes work and commitment.  Locum Tenens are not thought of as a permanent solution when brought in to cover a crisis but handled the right way, they can be the right solution to your permanent placement hiring dilemma.

Opportunity to Explore Your Options as they Explore Theirs

Locum Tenens physicians usually cost less than full-time hired physicians.  You can fill the position, with less risk.  Locum Tenens physicians are still well-trained and are some of the best in their fields.  Meanwhile, you get an opportunity to get to know your physician and see how well they fit with your healthcare culture.  You can learn what drives them and how to retain them on your team.  While they are exploring career options, you can be exploring their skills, character, and preferences.  You have gained the advantage over other medical facilities, as they are on hand to cajole you into a permanent placement.

Make Your Plan

There are ways to optimize your locum tenens experience and make it easier to transition to permanent placement.  Locum tenens might be exploring career options or they may choose their lifestyle because it offers flexibility and travel.  Knowing this, make a point to discuss the possibility of a temporary open position becoming permanent with your PX3 Medical Staffing agent.  PX3 can then choose candidates open to permanent placement.  If we know you’re looking for a permanent physician, we’ll filter out those who prefer the locum tenens lifestyle.

The Best Fit

To make the best decision for your healthcare organization, you will have to consider several factors. Before offering the locum tenens permanent position, ask yourself how well the physician fits into the overall brand or culture. Do they want to be part of your organization? How well have they built relationships with your other highly valued staff? Are they excelling in the role you viewed when you hired them as locum tenens?  Are they willing and capable of learning?  After answering these questions, if you still feel like you need to look at other potential candidates, you do.

On the other hand, if you feel like you have the right fit for your healthcare facility, discuss the possibility with your provider.  Making the offer sooner, rather than later will help you avoid losing a good match to another facility making its own offer.

Salary Considerations

You need to bring in someone qualified and salary helps you do that.  However, before bringing in a locum tenens talent, consider the salary you pay your permanent physicians.  If you pay more to a locum tenens doctor, how will you offer a permanent position to them?  Talk to your PX3 Medical Staffing agency for helpful recommendations on temporary vs permanent wage ranges.

Help From a 3rd Party Agency

PX3 Medical Staffing adds a personal touch to the medical recruiting process.  When you begin with the right fit, training, onboarding and integration go more smoothly.  Another benefit of starting with the right fit, is longer post-hiring employee retention, reduced turnover, and strengthening of your brand. We know you work hard on developing your healthcare facility brand.  We want to help you protect that brand by finding the right physicians and senior healthcare executives to join your team. Get the facts.  Contact us here or call (925) 948-8749.

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