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Healthcare Recruiting Tips

Healthcare Recruiting Tips: Can Compliance for Patient Safety Performance Help Hire Qualified Candidates

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Thanks to record turnover numbers, healthcare has, without a doubt, become a candidate’s market. To attract the best professionals, you need to create a positive candidate experience. In fact, candidate experience begins long before an interview – almost as early as assessing an online job posting or perusing through the careers section of the hospital’s website.

Here we assess how something as simple as patient safety performance results can attract the finest talents:

The Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Grades 2021 study assessed over 3000 general acute-care hospitals for patient safety performance. Over 23 hospitals have managed 20 consecutive A grades since 2013. These hospitals are spread across the United States, ranging from Arizona and Colorado to Michigan and Washington. Such grades help consolidate reputation and attract qualified candidates.

Leveraging Such Reports for Marketing

As earlier said, a candidate’s experience starts with their very first exposure with the potential employer. Rather than dismissing these polls as just another survey, it makes sense to highlight them to potential candidates looking for reputable places to work. When choosing which hospital to work in, candidates are eager to get under the skin of an organization.

While you cannot control what makes your organization attractive to potential candidates, you must stay away from constructing a narrative that wouldn’t withstand scrutiny. Time and investment are essential qualities when building a talent pool – you need to create a pipeline of talented professionals who have recently graduated or planning to return to practice after a gap.

Consider Your Existing Organizational Workforce Data to Identify Problem Areas

How aware are you of your current turnover data? Where is the high turnover occurring? Is it a short-term problem that can be solved by plugging gaps? Or, is it a long-term issue that needs strategic planning and policy paradigm shift? Work with executives at the team level to brainstorm improvement strategies. While surveys and polls will give you the necessary data, you need introspection to analyze and understand the information.

Some of the critical elements that could set you apart from other employers in the area include:

  • Your medical organization could be the largest employer in the area.
  • You offer part-time working opportunities
  • You have a good policy that reaches out to part-time workers
  • You are happy to work with local workers

How Can PX3 Make You Stand Out Among Potential Candidates?

We have over 14 years of experience in medical staffing. Our core focus includes – critical access, rural health clinic, federally-qualified health centers, and community mental health centers. We have professional knowledge and experience working with underserved markets. We can help you transform the search process and create a new outcome.

If you are looking to re-examine your recruitment policy, why not give us a call to find an exact match for your vacancies.

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