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Recruiting New Physicians

How Are You Recruiting New Physicians?

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Consider Your Selection Process When Recruiting New Physicians

Your healthcare facility decided it is time to bring on an additional physician.  You discussed the salary and skills attached to the position.  Before you take one more step, stop to consider a selection process geared toward efficient hiring.  PX3 Medical Staffing works with healthcare firms on a regular basis.  Before Recruiting new physicians, your healthcare staff needs to review with PX3 staff, the skills they look for in a new physician vs. the skills they feel your healthcare facility needs to fill in.

Figuring Out Your Needs

Maybe you’re looking for expertise in an area of practice that your current staff lacks.  Maybe you are looking for an underrepresented ethnic or cultural group in your practice.  Or you may have more than one position to identify and fill.  Regardless of your intentions, this is the time to discuss the traits which will best complement your company brand.  PX3 Medical Staffing can then collaborate with you to focus on which traits are “wants” and which traits your staff “needs”.  If you and the partners have not had this discussion, this is the time to open it.  To get the right people when Recruiting new physicians, you need to identify what your healthcare facility truly needs and whether one candidate or multiple candidates can realistically manage it.

Put Your Expectations in Writing

Once you have the discussion, or during it, begin to create a job description for the new hire.  Without responsibilities laid out in writing, everyone will end up frustrated.  On the other hand, by writing down your expectations, when Recruiting new physicians, you can align everyone’s suppositions.  You may need the candidate to mentor, team build, or participate in ER rotation. Knowing at the outset what you need him or her to accomplish, the candidate can ascertain whether those skills are in their wheelhouse.

Determine Compensation

You know what you need, but have you reviewed what benefits you will offer in addition to the monetary compensation?  Thanks to the ongoing doctor shortage, the benefits might be the factor that determines whether the candidate chooses your healthcare organization or another.  Intangibles like health benefits, opportunity, and moving assistance including home and school help have become important lures to healthcare candidates.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Some hospitals and healthcare organizations take CVs around the time a new class of doctors is graduating.  They are inundated with thousands of CVs and it can take several weeks to work through the mounds of submissions.  Third-party recruiting agents, like PX3 Medical Staffing, partner with you to determine your true candidate matches.  Your submissions are then culled for the right candidates for the distinct roles needed.  Instead of taking weeks to review, you can find the right fit for your culture in days.

Using the 3rd Party Process to Refocus on Retention

With the time freed up, you can begin to focus on post-hiring employee retention, slowing turnover, and strengthening your brand.  Keys to great employee retention include recognition, communication, flexible schedules, and culture.  Candidates today review your culture and ratings before deciding to apply.  Developing great worker retention is a great tool for attracting the right candidates to join your team. Get the facts.  Contact us here or call (925) 948-8749.

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