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Multigenerational Recruitment

Multigenerational Recruitment: Finding the Right Stuff

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Today’s Medical Staffing Complexities

It’s true that Medical Staffing has become more complex in the past 18 months for a number of reasons. Additionally, there is an explosion of demand in the wake of the pandemic, from overburdened infrastructure to staff burnout. No segment of the medical industry is exempt from the struggle to maintain superior patient care in today’s closely scrutinized environment. The added pressure can be exhausting for human resources departments, already overwhelmed with demands for securing professional staff. Recruiting pressure may cause HR departments to overlook experienced professionals who are only found by spanning Multigenerational Recruitment options.

Need for Multigenerational Recruitment Engagement

multigenerational recruitment

For frontline HR professionals to successfully achieve organizational staffing objectives, it is crucial to use every means of reaching candidates. Understanding today’s changes in the healthcare candidate market is essential.  There is a burgeoning multigenerational workforce that, when leveraged, can be a source of recruitment relief.  The creation of engaging outreach that connects with such diverse audiences can be challenging to even the most seasoned HR professional. Covering the different communication styles of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials can be equally frustrating. Accessing the multigenerational recruitment candidates you need requires the use of every communication tool available, including social media platforms.

Social Media’s Broad Reach

In fact, social media with its broad appeal and diverse platforms has only gained in popularity as a recruiting tool. Consider all the options recruiters have when tapping into various platforms, from traditional Facebook to the more recent Snapchat and, even Instagram. Still, it is interesting to know that the majority of candidates report using hospital websites as their most commonly used recruiting resource. Also, in this new mobile environment, it’s just as important to know that nearly two-thirds of recruiters have used text messaging to engage and communicate with current applicants. All of these tools are integral parts of developing a digital pipeline of multigenerational recruitment candidates.

Powerful Tool: 3rd Party Health Care Staffing Partner

Now let’s not forget one of the most powerful and flexible tools available to every medical recruiting department and healthcare institution. While third-party healthcare staffing has been around for some time, Px3 Medical Staffing and Jeremy Foley celebrated their first-year anniversary on the scene. Px3 is a difference-maker in many ways. Jeremy embraced the challenges his medical staffing peers were enduring and stepped up when his skills and experiences mattered most.

PX3 Medical Staffing Solution

Px3 Medical Staffing was created to perform in a personal or digital world. As pandemic restrictions compelled everyone to function in a remote environment, PX3’s digital proficiency became an even bigger asset. One of the many benefits of Jeremy’s experiences includes his extensive working knowledge and use of technology. Jeremy has been an advocate for remote video interviews well before they became covid-vogue as a part of his national network development. That includes the years-long utilization of all things social, tools he has used to build his Px3 brand. Increasingly, candidates are turning to PX3 to find the best opportunities. It’s not a coincidence that Px3 Medical Staffing deploys a broad range of diverse applications in candidate searches. Jeremy crossed the digital divide years ago to discover the right talent regardless of background or generation.

When considering a medical recruiting and staffing partner it’s important to know that there’s real power in the ability to reach a wider audience. Don’t let the age or size of your organization dictate your success, as we all have learned over the past year, we can all learn new ways to succeed. Let Px3 Medical Staffing lead the way.

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