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You Need to Do More Than Lip Service to Retain Healthcare Staff

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Most people don’t quit on a whim, even if they have always wanted to do so. In fact, quitting a job is one of the most decisions people will make in their career. And yet, we’re in the midst of a tidal wave of resignations – so much so it’s being dubbed, The Great Resignation. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a record 4 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. The tech and healthcare industry were hit the hardest, with attrition rates increasing by 3.6% and 4.5%, respectively. It’s hardly surprising considering the pandemic-induced increase in workload and job stress.

Healthcare Attrition Isn't Restricted to The United States Alone

A recent McKinsey survey found that around 30% of nurses plan to quit a direct care patient in the United States. But this trend isn’t restricted to America alone. In the United Kingdom, a survey of around 1000 NHS staff by the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation found that nearly 73% of nurses plan to quit their job. The Guardian recently reported that the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS trust had to temporarily suspend non-emergency operations because of staff shortages. Irrespective of where it’s happening, it’s affecting lives.

Technology Cannot Completely Replace the Human Element Altogether

From AI-powered diagnosis to robots performing surgery, there’s been a huge march towards adapting technology for healthcare to amplify human capabilities so that they can work on this that matters most – provide healthcare more meaningful and personal.

But even the best technology is aimed at complementing, not replacing humans. At its core, medical technologies empower patients. But if you want it to make it a positive experience for the patient, we need the human touch. People don’t take up the medical profession for money alone – they are driven by empathy, compassion, and humanity. And yet, that’s the last thing employers consider when implementing retention tactics.

Don't Irk Employees with Superficial Benefits

As Anne Mulcahy said, employees, want the management to consider them as a whole person and not just an employee. The annual bonus and recognition awards boost confidence and motivate employees to give their best. But employers offering sops like gym memberships or wellness retreats do more harm than good towards retaining employees.

We Must Understand That People Are Our Most Precious Resource

There is no perfect employee – as an employer, you must learn to make the most of the available resources. We cannot afford to ignore how hard everyone works and how invaluable they are, immaterial of whether they work in an administrative capacity or treat sick people day in and day out. A solution-oriented approach would be to connect humans to humans and reappraise what we expect from healthcare professionals.

What Could We Offer Instead?

Rather than offering superficial benefits, how about promoting flexible work hours and allowing staff to work from home whenever possible. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is also important. You must acknowledge that healthcare professionals are under considerable strain and must be listened to and treated as individuals. They need adequate rest and recovery, and personal development to prevent burnout.

At PX3 Medical, we can help you nail your post-hire strategies to attract the right staff and retain them. Call 925-948-8749 to discuss what we can offer.

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