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3rd Party Medical Recruiting Firms | An Affordable Solution

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A Shift in Priorities

There is a new recruiting trend to watch in healthcare.  The new trend reflects a priority shift from time to hire to quality of hire.  Currently, healthcare facilities want candidate talent that fits their culture and stays to grow their brand.  Creating that environment is a significant investment of both time and assets, so losing a recent hire to competition is costly.  Because they can offset that investment of time and assets, medical recruiting firms may hold the answer.

Increasingly, healthcare organizations turn to third-party medical recruiting firms to free up time and money for retention efforts. From diversity to inclusivity, from salary to benefits, working with a recruiting firm like PX3 Medical Staffing helps you achieve your HR goals.

Medical Recruiting Firms Cost Offsets

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The cost offset is based on the way organization pay recruiting firms.  Medical recruiting firms are paid a percentage of the candidate’s first annual salary unless a different arrangement is set up.  You’ll pay your in-house staff for work regardless of whether they can find the right candidate.  Recruiting firms to shift time-consuming tasks from your HR staff’s talented, but costly shoulders, to their own.  In short, we make outsourcing candidate searches an extremely affordable solution.

3rd Party Medical Recruiting Firms Improve Candidate Experience

One of the ways we improve outsourcing candidate searches is by strengthening the recruitment experience by combining three areas. These are the healthcare facility’s experience, the candidate’s experience, and the recruiter’s experience.  Previously, companies struggled to manage all three facets of recruiting, but that is changing.  By hiring a medical recruiting firm with specific responsibilities, facilities can improve the candidate’s experience without increasing in-house efforts.  As today’s candidates share their experiences online, this consideration is an essential step in protecting your brand.

Communication Tactics, Technology, and Interview Process

PX3 Medical Staffing supplies consistent as well as prompt communication to you and the candidates our talent searches provide. We supply the critical service of setting expectations through prompt responses and making room for feedback.  We open candidate transparency through our regular communications.  Throughout the application, screening, offer or rejection, and onboarding processes, candidates need to know which stage they are in.  Candidates also need to know what they need to provide during the process.  All of these tasks can easily be outsourced without diminishing the experience.

Recruitment Communications Automation and Limitations

Most HR managers spend the majority of their time on tasks like finding and reviewing applicants and scheduling interviews.  With automation, this process could be streamlined.  Yet, most 3rd party recruiting firms already use that automation.

Chatbots, AI, and FAQs are great early in the screening process. Still, as candidates progress, messaging should be more personalized.  Candidates aren’t interested in all of your processes. They are interested in getting the job and hearing what that job entails. As healthcare facility HR departments become overwhelmed, 3rd party recruiting firms can step in to manage the communication chain.  From updating candidates on hiring stages to gentle rejection notifications, 3rd party medical recruiting firms keep communication channels open.

You can, for instance, automate an acknowledgment that the application has been received, but candidates have questions throughout the recruiting process.  PX3, as your brand ambassador, can answer many of your candidate’s questions throughout the screening process.  You can get more information on how PX3 Medical Staffing can help your healthcare facility. Just contact us here or call (925) 948-8749.

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