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Physician Recruitment Process

How to Update Your Physician Recruitment Process

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Updating Your Physician Recruitment Process

You may already have a time-tested physician recruitment process, but it’s harder than ever to locate recruits.  Like thousands of other medical facilities, you’re experiencing the fallout of the physician shortage.  The Association of American Medical Colleges published a study projecting the shortage to reach 122,000 physicians by 2032.  It’s time to update your physician recruitment process and strategies.

More healthcare organizations are connecting earlier in the physician recruitment process to agencies using advanced recruitment techniques. Agents are offering new twists on classic tips for recruiting the best candidates with these newly revised methods.

Tip #1: Target Your Communications

Communication once meant publishing open positions on websites or medical school boards and notices. Today, many organizations are turning to social media. Messaging is critical, but where and how you communicate is evolving. That’s why agencies like PX3 use multiple methods of candidate communication in their physician recruitment process. Since less than 5 percent of physicians use social media for business communications, it’s critical to use multiple communication methods.  Relying only on social media means your position posting isn’t going to reach the right audience.

For your messaging to work, you need to identify your target and how they communicate.  Younger physicians might turn to social media such as discussion forums and online job recruitment agency sites. When only targeting millennial physicians, social media for concise and digitally oriented communications could be a useful tool. To reach a broader target audience, you’ll need more lines of communication.  Experienced recruiters like PX3 Medical Staffing, with established messaging alternatives, are a better tool to reach the right audience.

Tip #2: Establishing and Promoting Your Brand

Your healthcare organization’s online presence is vital, as is the promotion of your online brand. Your web developer can optimize your key healthcare specialization pages on your website, with details about your facility.  Information on specializations or innovative equipment unique to your organization should be included. There are times when a paid social media campaign can augment your recruitment efforts. Talk with your recruitment agency. They know how to use keywords and messaging in their communications that match the ideal candidate’s skills and traits your brand needs. You should discuss this with your recruiting agency too to avoid competing with your own messaging efforts.

Tip #3: Compensation That Includes Creative Benefits

When trying to bring in fresh talent, it is critical the compensation mirrors the physician candidate’s value.  New doctors look for a good return on their education investment, but it is not only about the money.  Consider what benefits you might offer that make your facility stand out. If you cover the cost of required CME, it would be good to mention it to candidates. Does your organization cover medical malpractice coverage for its physicians? Make sure candidates know that too.

If you are hiring an established physician, chances are they will need to relocate.  Does your organization pay for moving expenses? Which ones? Today, other medical facilities are covering things like travel per diems, school transfer assistance, and anything else that makes the transition easier. Once you decide what your organization offers, put it in writing and communicate it in the recruiting process.

Today, with physician burnout such a hot topic, consider vacation or flex time.  More physicians than ever are striving for a better work-life balance.  Think thoroughly about how flexible you can be on this sensitive issue.

Tip #4: Find Your Liaison

When you work with PX3 Medical Staffing, we partner with you and your organization.  That means we function as your ambassador, assuming the role of your physician liaison. After taking some time to get to know you and your brand, we find the right fit and skillset for your organization. Our efforts on your behalf help build a communication bridge with your organization’s ideal candidates. Contact us to learn more.

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